Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SOUTH AFRICA Magic 828 Cape Town - 828 kHz QSL

Pleased to receive a verification and notification of the official launch date (October 1st at 0400 UTC) from Magic 828 via Facebook this evening in response to a reception report of the test transmission heard on 828 kHz during the evening of September 4th, 2015 as described in my previous post.

" That's definitely us Gary! Thank you for the positive feedback  Tune in on Thursday at 6am for our official Launch with Magic Breakfast with Guy McDonald ". 


Chuck said...

Hi Gary -

I have a possible reception of Magic 828 from Newfoundland on November 7. Do you have an email address for the person that verified your report?

There was just a tiny bit of signal - barely enough to recognize 1 song (Bob Marley) and a possible jingle. I hope they keep a playlist!

Chuck Hutton

Gary Deacon said...

Hi Chuck

Good to hear from you.

I received the Magic 828 verification via Facebook - unfortunately the person who responded did not provide a name.

The Magic 828 website http://www.magic828.am/ provides a helpful DJ lineup with all their respective time slots which should indicate who was on air at the time of your reception - if you could advise the name of the DJ, I would be happy to try and provide a contact phone number/email address for you.



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